Breaking Through Bias: Overcoming Gendered Perceptions in the Workplace, Boardroom and Courtroom

November 17, 2020 4:00pm

Carrie S. Hanover-Martin
Associate General Counsel
EMD Serono

Sophie F. Wang
Choate Hall & Stewart LLP

Sabrina Gallo
Greenberg Traurig LLP

When women encounter opportunities to really demonstrate their leadership abilities and competence, such as in a meeting or in front of a jury, they can oftentimes be hindered by biased perceptions which ultimately affect their confidence and hinder a successful outcome. This panel will share personal strategies for overcoming gendered perceptions and winning at work and in the courtroom while still being our authentic selves.

  • Developing strategies for overcoming gendered meeting dynamics
    • Combatting the “piling on” technique
    • Responding to instances of “idea theft”
    • Garnering attention and making yourself heard
  • Devising tactics for fighting against workplace double-standards that hold women back
  • Analyzing the different presentation styles of female advocates in the courtroom
    • How do juries receive, perceive and respond to female advocates?
    • What types of behavior, speech or presentation styles are received more favorably?
    • Managing concerns about acting “too abrasive” vs. “too soft”
    • Being authentic and retaining your own identity while being a successful female advocate