Interactive Think-Tank

How Can We Work Together to Restore and Boost Female Workforce Momentum in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

July 28, 2021 10:45am

Lisa Jakob

Lisa Jakob
Managing Counsel, Trademarks

Melinda Roberts
Venable LLP

Melanie Rupert
Partner and Global Co-Chair, Talent Development
Paul Hastings LLP

Take advantage of an opportunity to join an interactive segment where attendees can come on camera, meet face-to-face and engage in a think-tank style discussion on how women in the workplace can recover from the pandemic and regain and retain momentum within the new normal.  Our discussion leaders will drive the dialogue and invite attendee feedback on topics including:

  • How can we restore strong female talent that has left the workforce?
  • How can we ensure that increased gender bias is not an unintended consequence of women choosing to continue working remotely?
  • How can we best feed the STEM pipeline to increase the chances of growing the careers of women in life sciences?
  • Strategies for managers: how can managers best navigate the new normal?
  • What are the challenges we anticipate with a return to office, and how can we best address them?