Knowing Your Worth, And Then Asking For It: How to Effectively Negotiate Salaries While Leaving Your Emotions at the Door

July 29, 2021 2:30pm

Sarah Padgitt
Associate General Counsel

Suzanne Galvin
Thompson Coburn LLP

When it comes to asking for the money you think you deserve, women often get tied up with an array of different emotions – guilt, shame, pride, self-worth, competitiveness, resentment, fear – that it is no wonder women often find it challenging to initiate conversations about compensation.  This panel will provide effective tactics for making the ask, negotiating a salary, demanding equal pay, and leaving emotions at the door.  Discussion topics will include:

  • Doing your due diligence: understanding the value you provide relative to others
  • Going into the conversation with confidence and building a business case for yourself
  • Articulating your value in a tangible way
  • Considering additional benefits you might want and using them as buffers to the negotiation