Tools for Building and Maintaining A Robust Compliance Program

November 18, 2020 3:15pm

Brooke Nelson
Executive Director, Worldwide Compliance

Eve Costopoulos
Of Counsel
Loeb & Loeb LLP

The life sciences industry faces several regulatory and compliance challenges which pose a constant threat to operations and sustainability. Companies that can effectively manage these concerns can take a more proactive stance on risk, adhere to evolving regulatory standards and ultimately develop a competitive advantage. This panel will discuss industry trends and insights surrounding regulation and compliance, and highlight key takeaways that life sciences companies should consider as they implement controls that promote compliance and deter bribery, fraud and corruption.

  • Identifying areas of heightened scrutiny by regulators
  • Steps for establishing a strong compliance program
  • Ensuring that you have the right written policies and procedures in place, and recruiting and building the best compliance team
  • Engaging in formal compliance training and education programs
  • Anticipating and preparing for investigations
  • Implementing strong risk assessment and monitoring protocols
  • Responding to detected offenses and developing corrective lines of action