In-Person Workshop C — The Science of Beauty: A Master Class on Using Reliable Scientific Evidence to Substantiate Claims About Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Mar 21, 2024 2:00pm – 05:30 PM

Craig R. Weiss
Consumer Product Testing (Fairfield NJ)

Workshop is available In-Person only.

Ensuring proper claims substantiation for a cosmetic or personal care product is often a complex, fact-specific process. Even with substantial, well-designed studies, claims and their support may still draw scrutiny from regulators and increasingly, plaintiff’s attorneys. In this working group, we will provide the critical building blocks for ensuring proper science-backed claims substantiation, all with the goal of compliantly promoting your products, staying out of trouble, and winning consumer confidence. Points of discussion, include:

  • Identifying the types of scientific evidence needed to support beauty and wellness claims in the cosmetic and personal care product space
  • Assessing what the FTC is looking for when studies are evaluated for claim substantiation
    • Population and participants
    • Data and outcomes measured
    • Ingredient dose and formulation
    • Developing proper research methodologies to substantiate claims
    • Examining how practitioners can assess the clinical study early on in the research process
  • Evaluating clinical study data interpretation and how results apply to your claims
  • Interpreting recent FTC enforcement actions where the clinical study did not support the claim being made
  • Identifying implied claims and their hidden dangers
  • Reviewing marketing materials and promotional activities across various media outlets and social media platforms to ensure the claims are properly substantiated and supported by the clinical study
  • Understanding how testing differs when the cosmetic is classified as an OTC drug
  • Comprehending the benefits of using independent third-party testing to provide scientific support of the claims for your product
  • Determining the type of testing necessary to obtain clearance to market your product in
    • US
    • Canada
    • EU
    • UK
    • China, and other Asian market