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ACI’s 9th Annual Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Forum on Dietary Supplements took place June 8-10, 2021.

2021 Highlights:

    • The Politics and Policy of Supplements Under the Biden Administration
    • How Mandatory Product Listings with FDA May be the Cornerstone for DSHEA 2.0
    • How the Drug Preclusion Provision can Interfere with the Approval and Marketing of Certain Ingredients – old and new
    • Navigating the Fine Line Between Structure/Function and Health Claims in the Pursuit of First Amendment Rights
    • The Future of Federal and State Enforcement and Consumer Protection in the Supplements Space
    • The Legal and Regulatory Implications of Inconsistent Retailer Third-Party Testing Programs and Quality Standards
    • Sustainability and Ethical Business Practices
    • California Specific Reforms, Initiatives, and Litigation