Workshop A — Strategy Session for Successful International Commercialization for Your Dietary Supplement Product

Jun 27, 2023 9:00am – 12:30 PM

Keval Bhoola
Business Manager
Regulatory & Medical Affairs

RNI Consulting (UK)

Deshanie Rai
Vice President, Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
OmniActive Health Technologies (Mountain Lakes, NJ)

Léa Trichelot
Regulatory Affairs Consultant
RNI Consulting

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, it is essential that dietary supplement manufacturers ensure cross-border commercial success while remaining compliant with complex international rules and regulations. This can be a challenging endeavor, particularly as evolving politics, supply chain challenges, ingredient safety concerns, and other issues continue to impact and modify the rules and processes governing market entry and post-market surveillance.

Our workshop leaders will provide you with comprehensive strategies for tackling the myriad challenges that global commercialization presents and provide solutions for success. Points of discussion will include:

  • What to know before you go: an examination of different regulations governing dietary supplements across key foreign jurisdictions
  • What are critical distinctions to be aware of?
  • What countries are currently changing or expanding their laws?
  • Identifying country-specific legal and regulatory resources to help you navigate complex international regulatory issues
  • Exploring how key nations are currently approaching risk assessments of certain dietary supplement ingredients
  • Analyzing recent developments creating import challenges in other foreign jurisdictions and best practices for US manufacturers and suppliers in navigating them