David Beam
Mayer Brown LLP

Chris Daniel
Chair, FinTech and Payments Group
Paul Hastings LLP

Jodi Golinsky
Director, Associate General Counsel

Emily Goodman
Vice President & Senior Counsel
American Express

As the business world grapples with multifarious new restrictions related to COVID-19, the list of questions that banks, fintechs and payments companies have is only getting longer. And while the drive for innovation at companies in the fintech and emerging payments industry continues incessantly, the pandemic has thrown up all sorts of questions regarding whether industry is equipped to deal with the economic uncertainty and how to go about it. Tune in as our esteemed webinar panelists address some of the biggest questions related to the fintech industry in the current pandemic climate, such as:

  • Addressing the pressure to “innovate” across the fintech industry
  • Re-valuating your company’s value proposition
  • Why and how the current downturn differs from the 2008 financial crisis, and how it will affect companies this time around
  • The mounting pressure to “go digital”
  • How a “new normal” might look: resilience vs. innovation

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