Tuesday, August 11  •  10:00am – 11:00am EDT

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Webinar Leaders

Edward H. Davis Jr.
Founding Shareholder
Sequor Law (USA)

Sophie Eyre
Bird & Bird (UK)

Keith Oliver
Head of International
Peters & Peters (UK)

Don’t miss a worthwhile opportunity to hear what has been coming across your peers’ desks-and the unwritten rules for tackling surprising, new challenges.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • “Virtual Litigator” war stories: Reading minds and body language virtually vs. in-person
  • Unexpected lessons from remote interviews and hearings, and electronic document management
  • Real-world examples of complex scenarios, the strategies employed-and what went right (and wrong)
  • Choice of forum and venue selection: Perspectives on selecting and changing the “battlefield” to speed up (or slow down) a case, or gain momentum

Recording the webinar either by audio or videotape is not permitted without prior express written consent of American Conference Institute. Speaker permission must be obtained for use of presentation content in news coverage/articles.