Uniting Innovation, Law, and Strategy in RNA, Gene Editing Tech, and Regenerative Medicines.

  • Master IP Strategy: Learn to navigate the evolving IP landscape to protect and maximize the value of your innovations
  • Unlock Funding Opportunities: Discover new avenues for funding and investment to accelerate the development of RNA technologies, gene editing, and regenerative medicines
  • Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology: Gain insights into how advanced tech can be harnessed to drive research and development forward
  • Understand Regulatory Frameworks: Receive guidance on navigating complex regulatory pathways to ensure compliance and expedite market entry
  • Commercialization Pathways: Explore effective strategies for transitioning from groundbreaking research to achieving global market success
FDA Keynote Speaker

Julie Tierney

Deputy Center Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

  • Abata Therapeutics
  • Argenx
  • Beam Therapeutics
  • Caribou Biosciences, Inc.
  • Dyno Therapeutics
  • Novo Nordisk
  • ReNAgade Therapeutics
  • Rocket Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
2024 Conference Co-Chairs

Cristin Berkey

VP, IP and Legal Affairs
Abata Therapeutics
(2024 Advisory Board Member)


Forrester Liddle

Head of Intellectual Property and Legal, US R&D
Novo Nordisk
(2024 Advisory Board Member)


Adrian Looney

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
(2024 Advisory Board Member)

Advisory Board

Elbert Chiang

Beam Therapeutics


Gabriel J. McCool

VP, Legal and IP
ReNAgade Therapeutics


Sharick Naqi

Director & Senior Counsel
Global IP Lead – Gene Therapies

Novartis Gene Therapies


David H. Silverstein

Vice President, Intellectual Property
Rocket Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Lulu Wang

Head of IP
Orna Therapeutics


Olga Zimmerman

Director, Intellectual Property
Caribou Biosciences, Inc.

See Full Advisory Board

American Conference Institute is pleased to present the 2nd Annual Forum on IP, Funding, and Tech Strategies for Novel Therapeutic Modalities, where the brightest minds in RNA, gene editing, and regenerative medicine converge to shape the future of this rapidly evolving field.

Positioned at the critical juncture of innovation and commercialization, this premier event is dedicated to unraveling the complex interplay of evolving market trends, dynamic regulatory frameworks, and critical intellectual property strategies.

Join us on March 20–21 in Boston in this collaborative endeavor to drive forward the most groundbreaking advancements in novel therapeutics, marrying scientific discovery with strategic business acumen for global impact.

Attend to engage with leading industry thought leaders and legal pioneers who will illuminate the path from groundbreaking research to global market success. Here, we explore in-depth the nuances of funding methodologies, AI’s transformative role in drug discovery, and the intricacies of navigating the legal and regulatory landscapes.

CLE Accreditation

Accreditation will be sought in those jurisdictions requested by the registrants which have continuing education requirements. This course is identified as non-transitional for the purposes of CLE accreditation. Learn More

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