Keys to a Successful Relationship with the Big Four: Deep Dive into the Agencies, Applicable Programs, Contracting, and Pricing Methodologies

May 18, 2022 9:00am – 12:00pm

Mark Myers_Headshot

Mark Myers
Director, Healthcare Resources Division
VA Office of Inspector General, Office of Contract Review

Jennifer Lospinoso
Managing Director and Consulting Lead

This pre-conference workshop will act as an introduction to, as well as a refresher on the laws, regulations, and pricing methodologies utilized by the “Big Four” agencies as the basis for contract and formulary determinations. This workshop will provide an overview of core concepts, preparing you for the more in-depth discussions that will take place throughout the conference.

  • Identifying the “Big Four” agencies: VA, DoD, PHS, and Coast Guard
  • Examining the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its relation to government procurement and “Big Four” contracting
  • Exploring the Department of Veterans Affairs’ delegated authority in relation to FSS pharmaceutical contracts
  • Learn about the mechanics of FSS contracts and the associated timelines
  • Understanding reporting requirements when contracting with the “Big Four” and compliance best practices
    • How to accurately complete the CSP sheets and the related disclosure requirements
  • Examining the treaties by which GSA/FSS contracts are bound
  • Identifying FSS eligible entities
  • Complying with FSS clauses regarding socioeconomic programs
  • Entering into the Master Agreement (MA) and a Pharmaceutical Pricing Agreement (PPA)
  • Introduction to the non-FAMP and FCP calculations
  • Exploring the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992
    • Introduction to Section 602 – pricing for Public Health Services Act (PHS) covered entities
    • Section 603 – authorization for the VA to negotiate drug prices
  • Examining terms which fall under each discount program
  • Analyzing the Federal Supply Schedule related to government contracting in the pharmaceutical space
  • Identifying key pricing terms related pricing within government pharmaceutical programs
    • Federal Ceiling Price (FCP)
    • Pharmacy benefits management programs (PBMs)
    • National formularies
    • VA National Formulary
    • DoD Uniform Formulary
  • Assessing the functions of the PHS 340B program and identifying qualified entities under the Affordable Care Act
    • Examining the discounts available under the 340B program
    • Determining methods to monitor HRSA data
    • Exploring the restrictions that exist for participating covered entities