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Day 1 - Friday, December 3, 2021

Remarks from the Co-Chairs

Bryan Judice
Senior Director Compliance, Office of Compliance & Ethics
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Carrie Ashcom
Vice President, Global Compliance Monitoring & Internal Controls
Zimmer Biomet

Matt Galvin
Global Vice President, Ethics & Compliance


Audience Polling – Case Study

Real-Life Case Studies of Advanced Compliance Analytics: Defining Your Goald, Risk Profile and Cross-Functional Team to Achieve Effective, Data-Driven Compliance and Monitoring
Parth Chanda

Parth Chanda
Founder & CEO

Andrew McBride
Chief Compliance Officer
Albemarle Corporation

Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma
SVP, Head of Compliance, Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

This opening session will walk you through practical case studies that define how to get started and refine your blueprint for effective data-driven compliance and monitoring – with a focus on how to tailor your policies to the contexts of your industry and organization.

Part I.
Deep Dive into Case Studies of Advanced Compliance Analytics Implementations at Global Organizations

Topics will include:

  • The goals for those compliance analytics efforts
  • Detailed walk-throughs of those compliance analytics efforts

Part II.
Implementing an Advanced Compliance Analytics Program: Creating a Fluid and Adaptable Program to Effectively Monitor for Risk in Your Data

Case Study Topics:

  • Approaches to building such programs (e.g., internal, external or hybrid) and the resources needed
  • Identifying the data needed , the process for acquiring the data and overcoming challenges around data availability and quality
  • Connecting monitoring programs with existing or new pre-approval systems
  • Revising risk parameters to be fluid and adaptable based on evolving business risks
  • Generating visualizations to generate insights for varied internal stakeholder groups
  • Assessing the cost of building and maintaining your compliance analytics effort

Part III.
Audience Polling

Assembling the Right Cross-Functional Team: The Key Pitfalls to Avoid – and Best Practices for Success

Key Takeaways:

  • Assembling your cross-functional team and working with partners to achieve mutual goals
  • Real-life examples of how compliance and legal can partner with IT, Audit, HR, Finance and Compliance
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders and owners of relevant systems early in the process, while addressing data security issues and, defining peer responsibilities


Live Demo

Transaction Monitoring

See a leading anti-corruption transaction monitoring platform that has been cited by the SEC and has been before the DOJ in multiple FCPA matters. Learn more about how the software provides configurable risk algorithms driving aggregated risk scoring, supports monitoring workflows and visualizes your spend data for risk.

Networking Break
Data Acquisition and Dashboards: Accessing and Capturing Clean, High-Value Data Across Disparate Systems and Data Sources

Bryan Judice
Senior Director Compliance, Office of Compliance & Ethics
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Carrie Ashcom
Vice President, Global Compliance Monitoring & Internal Controls
Zimmer Biomet

Matt Galvin
Global Vice President, Ethics & Compliance

After gauging and mapping your risk profile, the next step is to ensure that you are acquiring internal and external data from reliable sources. During this session our speakers will review real-world examples of data output reports; discuss how to assess the data; and, determine if the program is capturing the right data.

Key Topics:

  • Defining high-value data and staging the access to it – to avoid accessing everything all at once
  • Collecting data across disparate systems and assessing what data is important, what is being captured and not being captured accurately
  • Identifying data sources and deciding how to aggregate the data, ensuring good input and output and deciphering data integrity
  • Evaluating the internal and third-party data analytics tools that are available, and deciding which data feeds your organization can leverage
  • Determining which data feeds to leverage, including core spend systems, ERP, SAP, CUPA for purchasing and invoice management, T & E, and compliance pre-approval systems
  • Working closely with owners of vendor master data, assessing data integrity (clear vendor expense categories, GL codes), and coordinating with legal, privacy and audit teams

Networking Lunch
Your Data Governance Action Plan: How to Address Red Flags and Handle the Exception Processes

Sarah Foley
Deputy Compliance Officer and Director of Compliance
Patterson Companies, Inc.

Jannette Hasan
Corporate Director & Assistant General Counsel, Global Compliance Program
Northrop Grumman Corporation

In this session, the audience will gain insight through a series of case study examples and red flag reports that lead to policy reviews and investigations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determining the next steps for the compliance team when addressing payments and transactions that are above aggregate risk score thresholds 
  • Ensuring the data feeds and monitoring tools are coming in and working in real-time – and developing processes for determining what warrants internal investigations and further action
  • Steps to take when data reveals employees and third parties are not diligently following critical policies
  • Assessing the severity of red-flags and the need for policy improvements in areas such as: third-party data management; reputational, payment, distributor pricing, and travel & expense monitoring; high-risk transactions with public officials or public institutions; employee engagement; sponsorships and donations; and, proxies for measuring ethical health



Leveraging AI and Machine Learning: Optimizing Algorithms to Improve Predictive Capabilities and Compliance Monitoring

Jared Crafton
Managing Director – Head of Innovation

Mason Pan
Director, Data Analytics

Engage with our faculty in this session as they take you through a series of hypothetical scenarios and successful strategies to help guide you in:

  • Organizing and conducting periodic reviews of your risk assessment program, that is based on continuous access to operational data
  • Learning from past data anomalies and transactions by leveraging Machine Learning
  • Managing risk around your third-party organization over the “lifespan” of the relationship
  • Identifying compliance trends and themes before they become a concern – and assessing whether a review or an internal investigation is needed
  • Analyzing and implementing upgrades to data monitoring and determining which types of platforms are likely to become more predictive

Networking Break


Effective Internal Investigations: How Companies and Outside Counsel are Leveraging Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Bryan Judice
Senior Director Compliance, Office of Compliance & Ethics
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Carrie Ashcom
Vice President, Global Compliance Monitoring & Internal Controls
Zimmer Biomet

Benchmark and compare notes with the speakers and audience, as we examine data acquisition and governance initiatives that are needed for productive and successful internal investigations. We will explore:

  • Gathering, analyzing and interpreting your data over the entire course of an investigation
  • Detailed examples of extracting and leveraging data for effective decision-making and risk management
  • Regulating and managing the interplay of GDPR and other privacy restrictions that affect cross-border data collection and transfers

Data Governance & Integrity Exercise

Nebiat Kidane
Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Effie Silva
Global Ethics & Compliance Director

Benchmark with the audience during this live polling session. We will gain insight from case studies and real-world examples explaining how to:

  • Address red flags
  • Approach risk scoring and aggregate risk scores
  • Document follow-up and remedial actions within a dashboard platform

Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs