ACI’s National Forum on FOCI is the only event on the market that provides actionable mitigation strategies for companies under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence.

current landowners, from municipalities to private enterprises, being held responsible for historic property damages, damages to neighbouring properties and remediation. A contaminated land claim can arise at any time, either during a property transaction, an environmental assessment, or at the time of the contamination. What is your obligation to report and what actions can make you liable?

Companies under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence need to stay alert on many fronts. Given the different requirements of DCSA, DOE and DHS, companies under FOCI must be fully apprised of the implications, as well as the effect on their eligibility for access to classified information. These ramifications become even more complex when a National Interest Determination (NID) comes into play. What’s more, the intersection of FOCI mitigation with the CFIUS approval process requires a well thought-out strategy toward maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome – a process that has become even more complex given the recent passing of the anticipated CFIUS Reform (FIRRMA).

ACI’s 5th National Forum on FOCI will bring together key stakeholders from government, industry and private practice who are involved in some of the most significant matters to date. Don’t be left out of the conversation.


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