Join us for two days of key updates, best practices, and actionable mitigation strategies for companies under FOCI.

Session Highlights for 2024

Examining Where CFIUS and FOCI Align and Diverge – And Avoiding Hiccups

Affiliated Operations Plans (AOPs) in Practice

How DCSA is Now Reviewing Controlled Unclassified Information CUI

Scope Creep: How to Keep Auditors and Monitors on Task

How New CMMC Requirements are Affecting FOCI Companies

And more!

About the Conference

The Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA) is increasing its scrutiny and compliance expectations in the wake of significant new and anticipated developments. With so much on the line and a greater emphasis on the “I” in FOCI, don’t miss key takeaways and best practices for handling critically important, high stakes challenges, including:

  • Special Remarks: The State of DCSA – Expectations and Priorities: Key Updates on the Agency’s Organizational Structure, Filing Timelines and Quality Management Plan;
  • The Heightened DCSA Focus on the “I” in FOCI: New Reporting and More Expectations Affecting DCSA Approvals;
  • Mitigating Risks Posed by Foreign and Dual Citizenship of Employees and Others: What Has (and Hasn’t) Yielded DCSA Approval and The Newest Best Practices for Moving Forward;
  • Using Proxy and Voting Trust Agreements Instead of SCAs and SSAs: The Newest, Lessor Known Considerations, Timelines and Processes; and
  • The Increasing Overlap of FOCI and CFIUS: Evolving Considerations Affecting Filings, Reviews, Mitigation Agreements – and Your Strategy for Managing Concurrent Processes.
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My experience was very valuable. Learned things that I can immediately apply to my work.

Daniel Maurice, Public Services and Procurement Canada
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The in-person interaction was great – both learning about other’s initiatives and creating networking opportunities.

Carl Rhine, Indiana University
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Really appreciated the conference. Very practical information that could be utilized to support our compliance programs or for consideration during the next transaction. Not all FOCI have as much real-world information – so most appreciated.

Jill McClune, Avon Protection Systems, Inc

Vice Presidents and Directors of:

  • Global Corporate & Industrial Security
  • Export Controls
  • Acquisition Policy
  • Government Contracts, Compliance & Relations

Attorneys, Accountants and Consultants Specializing in:

  • Government Contracts
  • National and Homeland Security
  • CFIUS Export Controls
  • International Trade
  • M&A and Joint Ventures
  • Foreign Investment
  • Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Corporate Professionals:

  • Directors
  • Board Directors
  • Outside Directors
  • Proxy Holders
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Facility Security Officer (FSO)
  • Rick Management/Practice Officer
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