Frequently Asked Questions

We can be reached by email at [email protected]. All requests will be acknowledged and/or responded to within 1 business day.

You may submit your request using our online form: ACI Accreditation Form. Please have available the following information to fill out the form: Conference name and date, Bar/Lawyer ID number and the verification codes posted throughout the program (if virtual conference).

For NY attorneys requesting CLE for virtual conferences, please complete the following NY specific form NY Attorney Affirmation and return to our CLE team at [email protected].

Most ACI conferences have CLE available. Please check the brochure or website of the event you wish to register for to review the accreditation options available. If you require assistance in finding the details, please reach out to our accreditation team at [email protected].

Currently ACI is accredited in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas for on-demand accreditation. Only selected conferences have been embedded with verification codes for CLE processing. Please contact our customer experience team letting us know the conference you are interested in learning more about CLE on-demand availability. Email us

Yes, ACI offers financial scholarships for government employees, judges, law students, non-profit entities, and others. Please email us to learn more and apply for Financial Assistance.

ACI is an accredited sponsor in 5 states. California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas. For all other states, it is best that attendees wishing to receive credit outside those states contact our education team to confirm the application process for your requested state.

Each conference will have varying credit amounts, dependent on the session/conference’s compliance with the CLE rules of each state. It is best to reach out to our accreditation team to provide you with an estimate/requested amount. Please note that final approval of CLE credit is at the discretion of each state’s MCLE board.

ACI reports attendance for the following states: AR, DE, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, MS, NE, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, WV. ACI will provide a uniform certificate of attendance document for attendees wishing to or required to self-report.

Once your accreditation request has been submitted, please allow 3-8 weeks post-conference for our team to process the request. Please note that many state bars/courts are experiencing delays in processing CLE requests due to the pandemic. Our accreditation team will do their best to work with the state(s) to expedite your credits.

There are several considerations that impact the successful compliance of each of the MCLE state guidelines. For example, for most states, all sessions are required to have thorough, high quality materials distributed to attendees by the day of the conference. While we make every attempt to secure written content from our esteemed speakers, it is not always possible, disqualifying the session from CLE accreditation.

Another example is the last-minute changes in speakers. When speaker substitutions happen, there may be a decrease in credit due to the speaker’s credentials and ability to put together substantial presentations last minute.

For virtual programs, credit will only be awarded for attendance to sessions in which the attorney has provided the posted verification codes as per the CLE rules.

ACI will note special CLE credit on the cover of the program brochure. Your attendance to these special sessions will need to be confirmed by the appropriate attendance verification procedure(s) prior to the release of these credits. For each program, our onsite and online staff will run through these procedures prior to the start of the first session, during the “housekeeping” remarks.

If ethics and/or professionalism credits are approved, they would be included in the total credits on the certificate.

Yes, for live attendance, our team will review the CLE sign-in forms and award CLE credit accordingly. For our remote attendees, attendance will be awarded based on the verification codes reported in the accreditation request form.

CLE is awarded by full session. For example, if during a 2-day conference, you attended only 1 day, this is acceptable. If you only attended part of a speaker’s session, no CLE credit will be awarded.

All attendees of live in-person attendance will receive a uniform certificate of attendance on the last day of the conference. Specific state CLE and reporting will be handled 3-8 weeks post-conference.

If you missed signing-in for your CLE credits at the conference, please contact [email protected]. The MCLE state regulations vary for attendance verification and recording practices. Our team will do our best to support your request, however, we cannot guarantee CLE credits if the attorney has not signed in/out before leaving the conference.

Yes, ACI would be happy to assist you in providing a replacement certificate or CLE document up to 5 years depending on the state and their compliance regulations.

To receive CLE credit/certificates for on-demand webinars, registrants must follow the instructions provided in the access link email. Please submit the CLE verification codes provided during the recording(s) along with your bar number(s) and states(s) through our accreditation form link: ACI Accreditation Form