Workshop A — Recall Management Working Group: Building A Comprehensive Roadmap for Effectively Navigating a Food Product Recall and Managing the Fallout

Apr 29, 2024 9:30am – 12:30 PM

Dean N. Panos
Jenner & Block LLP

Cynthia L. Meyer
Kleinfeld, Kaplan, and Becker LLP


Thomas Monroe
Vice President, Chief Counsel – Litigation & Crisis Management

In this in-depth mock scenario workshop, our panelists will walk you through the execution of a recall from start to finish. This workshop will walk through 3 different product recall examples and display the action involved with the different product types. Our speakers will provide best practices and help you establish a recall-ready blueprint for not only efficiently and quickly executing a recall, but for also addressing any public relations crisis which may ensue.

  • Understanding legal risks, and public relations risks as a result of recalls
  • Exploring preventive strategies to minimize the possibility of a recall
  • Devising a blueprint on how to effectively remove products from the marketplace once a defect is discovered – making the decision when and how to recall
  • Identifying and correcting regulatory and compliance mishaps that led to the recall
  • Determining who/how to notify when it comes to relevant authorities
  • Maintaining documentation during a recall in anticipation of litigation that may result from the recall
  • Developing crisis management strategies to address recall fallout and win back consumer confidence
    • Voluntary recalls vs mandatory recalls
    • Market withdrawals and stock recoveries
  • Reviewing past recall products to learn how to avoid similar situations