Join us for a one-day virtual event for Counsel for the Long-Term Care and Senior Care Industries.

Join key industry stakeholders for ACI’s 3rd National briefing on Current Legal and Regulatory Trends impacting Long Term Care and Senior Care Providers this October. We will provide long term care industry attorneys as well as their outside counsel with information on the current state of the union of COVID-19 lawsuits, the CMS nursing home star rating controversy, staff retention dilemmas, and crisis management techniques.

Join us for in-depth discussions on:
  • Promoting vaccination buy-in among residents and workers: Evaluating mandates and potential liabilities
  • Identifying the psychological effects of the pandemic on nursing home residents: Defining analyzing new mental health standards of care and identifying potential liabilities
  • Building a crisis management guide for nursing homes to rebuild confidence and restore reputation post-pandemic
  • Identifying and explaining “inconsistencies” in various forms of staffing data
  • Analyzing CMS star rating manipulation allegations