Unmanned Systems West

(Air – Land – Sea – Robotics)
Needs – Capabilities – Requirements – Opportunities

Government Speakers Included
Speaker Name

Chris Henry

Deputy Director
Naval Warfare

Office of the Secretary of Defense
Director, Operational Test & Evaluation

Speaker Name

Bryan Scurry, SES

Executive Director
Naval Air Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Speaker Name

Colonel Robert Ryan, USA

Director of Robotics Requirements
Maneuver Capabilities Development Integration Directorate

Army Futures Command

Speaker Name

Dennis Teefy

Project Director, Sensors Aerial Intelligence (PDSAI), Program Executive Office Intelligence
Electronic Warfare and Sensors (PEO IEW&S)

Speaker Name

Colonel Nathan Diller, USAF

Director, AFWERX Technology Accelerator
Air Force Research Laboratory

As Unmanned Systems and Robotics capabilities continue to grow exponentially, Military, Academia and Industry thought leaders are collaborating to safely and effectively incorporate Unmanned Systems (UxS) into combat and within multi domains (Air-Land-Sea). Ever increasing DoD support operations sustaining these emerging capabilities, needs and requirements for U.S. defense superiority, continue to focus on cutting edge technological advantages with the end goal to maintain dominance in the future battlefield.

With this in mind, ACI has created the Unmanned Systems West Summit to offer an engaging forum where we will comprehensively analyze and assist in furthering dialogue that will cover not only the tactical and technical priorities and challenges of autonomy and artificial intelligence, but the ongoing research and innovation that will help integrate both UxS and robotic capabilities into support for the U.S. warfighter and their allies.

Join ACI’s Unmanned Systems West Summit as our esteemed faculty and representatives will address these topics as well as emerging opportunities, capabilities, requirements and technologies, as well as their applications for UxV, and what this continued development means for our military.

This event is closed to members of the media.

Topics We Will Cover Include
  • Emerging DoD & U.S. Government Unmanned Systems, Needs, Requirements and New Initiatives
  • Warfighter and End User Needs and Requirements & Opportunities in: UAS, UUV, USV & UGV platforms
  • Platform Development – Acquisition & Sustainment Programs
  • Experimentation – Emerging UxS Programs, Payloads and Weaponization
  • Industry UxS Technologies and Cutting-Edge Capabilities for Defense
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