Requirements from DoD & Government demands for increased spending year over year.  In 2021, $7.5 billion was budgeted for a variety of robotic platforms and related Air- Land – Water (UxV) technologies.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems future spending estimates are $10.6 billion annually and projected to be $13 billion in 2030.  Military R&D is projected to add another $65 billion over 10 years. Unmanned Ground (UGV), Underwater (UUV), & Surface Vehicles (USV), are continuing to increase in market size & spending year over year with an estimated market size of over $7 billion in the next 4 years for (UGV’s) and over $10 billion for (UUV’s) and $1 billion + growth in the USV market.  Military Robotics is expected to reach well over $25 billion in market size in the next 5 years!

Join ACI’s Unmanned Systems West as our esteemed faculty and representatives will address emerging opportunities, capabilities, requirements and technologies, as well as their applications for UxV, and what this continued development means for our military.