American Conference Institute’s 3rd Annual

Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum on Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Monday, March 07 to Wednesday, March 09, 2016
The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY

Prepare to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape of the cosmetics and personal care products industry.

This past April, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1014) designed to give FDA further authority to regulate the cosmetics and personal care products industry. While cosmetics are generally safe, the current regulations surrounding cosmetics have been in existence for more than 75 years. As a result, modernized regulations are needed in order to reflect the advances that have been made in science and technology for cosmetics and personal care products.

The new bill being proposed by Senators Feinstein and Collins is not without controversy, however. The bill would require FDA to collect user fees from companies and review at least five ingredients per year to evaluate their safety. A distinguished faculty will address the intricacies of this new proposal as well as other political, legal, regulatory, and industry developments impacting the cosmetics and personal care products industry. In addition, the speakers will provide you with the critical information that you need to:

  • Analyze when a cosmetic product must also meet the FDA requirements for OTC drugs
  • Understand when you may need FDA approval for a beauty device
  • Explore legal and regulatory enforcement activity at the state level
  • Demystify retailer requirements for cosmetic and personal care products
  • Design strategies for trade dress protection for packaging
  • Examine Prop 65 reform in California
  • Improve claim substantiation efforts by monitoring enforcement activity at the federal and state level as well as litigation from private parties
  • Comprehend FDA’s jurisdiction over social media marketing tactics for cosmetic products

Don’t forget to sign up for the interactive workshops for a comprehensive analysis of the cosmetics industry both domestically and abroad:

  • Working Group on Cosmetics and Personal Care Products 101: Understanding the Essentials of “Articles Intended for Cleansing, Beautifying, Promoting Attractiveness, or Altering the Appearance”
  • Master Class on Legal and Business Strategies on International Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance

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