2024 Government Speakers

Elizabeth Cannon

Executive Director of the OICTS, Bureau of Industry and Security
U.S. Department of Commerce


Lee Licata

Deputy Section Chief for National Security Data Risk
U.S. Department of Justice


Kit Conklin

Senior Advisor
U.S. House Select Committee on China


Kevin Kurland

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Industry and Security
U.S. Department of Commerce


Eun Young Choi

Deputy Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division
U.S. Department of Justice


Eric S. Johnson

Principal Deputy Chief, Foreign Investment Review Section
U.S. Department of Justice


Irene Chiu

Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
MicroPort Orthopedics


Sarah O’Hare O’Neal

Deputy General Counsel, International Trade Law


Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Vice President & General Counsel, Trade and Chief Export Counsel


Barb Secor

Vice President, Global Trade Compliance
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Kelly Herman

Corporate Counsel
Northrop Grumman

As the only comprehensive, practical event of its kind in the Unites States, ACI is pleased to announce the highly anticipated 6th Annual China Trade Controls Conference, scheduled for November 13–14 in Washington, D.C.

Considering increasing geopolitical risks and ever-intensifying trade restrictions with China, a clear understanding of existing and evolving China export controls and economic sanctions is crucial to multinationals that are operating in or entering the China trade arena. Moreover, greater interagency enforcement coordination has industry players under the microscope, which may result in more previously unseen compliance risk.

With so much at stake, don’t miss out on invaluable, strategic guidance for updating your trade compliance programs, mitigating heightened enforcement risks and continuing your China business operations while avoiding costly trade-related pitfalls.

Fresh Topics for 2024

Post election China trade policy outlook: The future of trade and sanctions compliance and enforcement

The Current US/China business landscape: Navigating stricter data protection laws and increased scrutiny of technology and life science companies

Agile China business models: How are increased technology, communications, and data restrictions impacting business models in China?

Transactional risk: Navigating increased guidance for financials around how sanctions and export controls are impacting transactional risk management in China

China-centric third-party management: Handling the impact of evolving data laws, export controls and sanctions on third-party relationships

Outbound investments to China: Enhanced CFIUS mandates around investment restrictions in Chinese semiconductor, AI and life science technology

The 2023 Advanced Computing and Semiconductor rule reboot: Practical insights on pivoting your classification protocols


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