Transform Your On-site Conference Experience: Unleash the Power of Our Networking App!

Maximize your conference investment and experience with our cutting-edge networking app designed to seamlessly connect you with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to meaningful connections.

The Networking App is Now Available for Attendees!

The networking App is also available as a web based app that does not need to be downloaded.
App registration information will be sent to each attendee.

For any technical questions with the app, please email: [email protected]

App User Guide

Setup your Networking Profile

In this section you can either keep what is there or enter more detailed information about yourself, how long you have been in the industry, what is your main expertise or any other information you find appropriate. DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION.

  1. Select what Regions/Countries you or your company operate in. You can choose more than one option for each category.
  2. Click “confirm” button at the bottom.
  3. If the information looks correct, click the continue option at the bottom of the screen.
Selecting your Interests
  1. Select from the categories/topics that you are interested in networking with other attendees on. Other attendees will be able to see your selections.
  2. Select all that apply and then click, then click “Continue” at the bottom.
When can you Connect
  1. Select what days you will be available for networking meetings with your fellow attendees.
  2. Then click “Finish” at the bottom.

Event Page Home Screen

From this page, you can:

  • Edit your profile
  • View event map
  • See your top networking picks
    (people who selected the same interests you did)
  • View featured Speakers

App Menu Bar (Top Left Corner)

From here you access:

  • Event Home Page
  • People/Attendees
    • Your Networking Matches
    • Full Attendee List
    • Bookmark Attendee Profiles
  • Conference and Networking Schedule
  • Conference Speakers
  • Conference Sponsors

How to Connect /schedule a meeting with a fellow attendee

  1. From that person’s profile page, click- Chat/Suggest Meeting
    Then, you can either chat with the person instantly or suggest a time during the day to network with them on a particular topic. (Note, attendees must mutually agree to meet or to chat in the app for a connection to be made)
  2. Select the time slot that works best for you and a message will be sent to the recipient. (All meetings are scheduled to be 10 minutes long with a 5-minute buffer for more time if needed)
  3. Once both attendees agree to a meeting, the app will assign you a table number. Tables are located I the networking lounge. Each table has a number assigned to it.
  4. Meet your matches at the designated time and location and start networking!