The National Congress on Next Generation Combat Vehicles is the paramount gathering platform where the future of armored warfare takes center stage. This 2nd annual event will provide a unique platform to discuss the latest innovations in combat vehicle technology, from state-of-the-art tanks to futuristic infantry fighting vehicles.

Topics the Summit will Cover Include:

  • The Next-Generation Combat Vehicle
  • Modern procurement practices for larger combat vehicles: Digital engineering and digital design as methods to accelerate the acquisition process
  • Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA): Enabling faster prototyping and interoperability
  • Data Superiority and Persistent Modernization: The role of open system architectures in enabling modern combat vehicles to remain relevant in the midst of ongoing data centricity initiatives
  • Hybridization of Tracked Combat Vehicles: Creating new opportunities and addressing challenges with shifting towards hybrid power trains
  • Human Machine Integration: Improving effectiveness of mounted formations for the future
  • Robotic Combat Vehicle: Integrating robots and unmanned aerial systems with crewed formations
  • Lessons Learned: Evaluating current operations in Ukraine and Gaza to inform our thinking about future combat vehicle design
  • International perspectives: Enhancing interoperability for joint operations

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