American Conference Institute’s 8th Annual

“Big Four” Pharmaceutical Pricing Boot Camp

Working with the “Big Four” agencies: VA, DoD, PHS and, Coast Guard and gaining intensive training in pricing methodologies, contracting strategies, and operational best practices for challenges from FSS pricing to compliance with the 340B program

Monday, May 19 to Tuesday, May 20, 2014
New York Marriott Downtown, New York, NY

Master the essentials of key “Big Four” pricing concepts and methodologies

At this annual conference, pricing experts will lay out the fundamentals of “Big Four” pricing and pharmacy benefits programs in a logical, easy-to-understand format and will provide intensive training in the essential pricing concepts and methodologies related to VA, DoD, PHS, and Coast Guard programs.

The U.S. government spends billions of dollars per year on the purchase of drugs making it one of the largest purchasers of pharmaceuticals in the U.S. Sales to the government typically account for a large portion of a company’s total revenue, and a company cannot remain competitive in today’s market without selling to the government. As pharmaceutical manufacturers’ revenue and profits are so closely tied to government contracts and pricing, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the Veterans Health Care Act, Federal Supply Schedule Contracting, Federal Ceiling Price, and pharmacy benefits programs.

While having the government as a client is lucrative, it can be costly, time consuming and confusing. Understanding the basics and key terms of “Big Four” pricing is necessary to ensure that companies do not enter into price contracts that obligate them to comply with impossible terms. Selling to the VA, DoD, PHS and Coast Guard also requires constant price calculations and price reporting. These calculations are often perplexing and result in price anomalies that can leave even the most seasoned contracting practitioner baffled. On top of complying with the “Big Four’s” numerous rules and regulations, companies must also evaluate how their “Big Four” prices affect their overall pricing.

Designed to give novices and experienced practitioners alike a complete understanding of core pricing competencies, ACI assembled a faculty of the government authorities on “Big Four” pricing and pharmacy benefits programs along with expert pricing practitioners. This distinguished faculty will make sense of complicated terminology and pricing calculations and teach you how to navigate the complexities of working with the “Big Four” agencies.

As our delegates would agree, you cannot afford to miss this event. 

“The ‘Big Four’ conference provided me with a great source of concepts and examples to follow and understand. I believe the boot camp is a fabulous tool for people who are new to government contracting and pricing.”

Towanda Little, Associate Manager of Government Pricing, Eisai Inc, Prior Delegate

For those attendees seeking a primer on “Big Four” pricing, the pre-conference workshop, “Big Four Pricing 101,” is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of federal pricing and will prepare you for the more advanced discussions that will take place during the main conference.

The post-conference workshop, “Advanced Training in DoD and TRICARE Contracting, Formulary, and Operational Issues,” will provide the information and strategies you need to make interactions with the DoD and TMA more efficient and less burdensome.


5/19/14: Pre-Conference Workshop A: “Big Four Pricing 101” – 8am - 11am

5/21/14:  Post-Conference Workshop B: “Advanced Training in DoD and TRICARE Contracting, Formulary, and Operational Issues” - 9am-12pm. 

Full conference details are on the way shortly.  If you are interested in speaking at this event, contact Leigh Leventhal at  For information on sponsoring or exhibiting at this event, contact Wendy Tyler at

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