Blue Umbrella

By harnessing its state of the art, in-house regulatory technology (RegTech) to provide convenient interaction, research excellence and consistency, Blue Umbrella has become one of the fastest growing volume compliance research companies in the world. Status is our disruptive third party compliance technology. Why is it disruptive? It’s great. And we don’t even charge you for it. We want to level the landscape by creating technology that will provide every company with access to great third party compliance processes, information and capabilities. We have crafted Status in partnership with some of the most sophisticated compliance departments in order to centralize third party data, help administer third parties, assess risk, manage and remediate risks, and monitor third parties to the benefit of the entire compliance community. In order to increase efficiencies in your workflows, Status can streamline and automate the process of requesting and approving new third party relationships. These automations allow you to interact with both internal and external parties to review documents, set up requests and reminders resulting in reduced administrative costs and time to concentrate on the bigger issues. Good due diligence is about more than presenting a collection of data points. It is about using the data to create an understanding of any given situation through analysis and foresight. Our global presence and in-house capabilities ensure that we are close to the markets we research, enabling us to provide insight, analysis and context. Data is good, understanding is paramount. We provide thoroughly researched third party due diligence reports at competitive prices and industry leading turnaround times. With more than 250 employees, Blue Umbrella has operations in Chicago, Portland, London, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Singapore, Tokyo, Penang, New Delhi and São Paulo. Its research products focus on companies and individuals around the world. Our clients include major Wall Street banks, top tier insurance companies, IPO Sponsors and law firms. We work in some of most highly regulated industries and jurisdictions. We select and expertly train analysts that not only meet the highest research standards, but are passionate about conducting excellent research.