ACI's Inaugural Executive Forum on False Claims and Qui Tam Enforcement

  False Claims - Legal Conference When: Monday, January 27 to Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Where: The Carlton Hotel, New York, NY To Learn More, Visit:   

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  The Growth of Healthcare Fraud Qui Tam Lawsuits by Scott Becker, JD, CPA, and Molly Gamble Originally Published on  Healthcare fraud cases under the False Claims Act have grown significantly in recent years. The FCA is the government’s primary civil remedy to redress false claims for federal money or property. Most actions are filed under the FCA’s whistleblower, or qui tam, provisions. These allow private citizens, or relators, to file suits alleging false claims on behalf of the government. If the plaintiff or government prevails in the action, the whistleblower then receives a portion of the recovery… [ Read More ]