Compliance News Roundup – Top Compliance Stories Making Headlines

top-news Check out some of the top risk and compliance stories making headlines around the world: The Morning Risk Report: Survey Shows Compliance is Working FCPA Criminal Prosecutions One Year After the Yates Memo An interview with Robert Lindquist, chief compliance officer at Panasonic Avionics Corporation Who Should Pay for Cybersecurity Breaches? The State of the Chief Compliance Officer in 2016 (Published in May 2016 but remains a fantastic resource) 7 Nightmares Keeping Chief Compliance Officers Awake At Night (Published in July 2016 but serves as an evergreen resource) Chief Compliance Officers under Increasing Scrutiny, Deeply Concerned ACA Employer Compliance: Changes in 2017 Looming CCO_W._Speaker Attendance is exclusively for qualified applicants who hold the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) title at their respective organizations (or who hold similar senior-level titles with the same level and scope of job responsibilities). In order to ensure a smaller-group setting, attendance at the CCO Executive Roundtable will be limited. Toward ensuring a diverse benchmarking and networking experience, only one participant per company/financial institution may attend the program View the full CCO Roundtable Agenda – fcpa_banner Widely regarded as the one, go-to annual conference for the anti-corruption community. Government has viewed this forum as an important platform for making announcements, and giving critical updates on compliance and enforcement. Learn more.