Meet the Speaker of China Import Compliance: Grace Ai

Grace Ai

Senior Manager, North Asia trade Compliance

Tyco Corporation (Beijing)


Tell us about yourself:

I am a typical Beijingnese, born in Beijing, educated and raised in Beijing and I do like Beijing – my hometown very much.  I enjoy swimming, Yoga and jogging. Those sports are not that demanding and I can just follow my own pace without running the risk of hurting myself.

Tell us what a day is like in your field:

A typical day would be getting a call from one of our business units in the morning asking for support and guidance on a classification dispute. At the same time, I am thinking or drafting an email to some businesses to try to break through and get some new trade compliance program/initiatives done by the businesses.

 Tell us what you like about working at your company:

I like working in my company because this is a very diversified environment and I could possibly touch all aspects of trade compliance: classification, valuation, export control etc…  The company I am currently working for also covers normal trade and processing trade, special economic zone operation, those could give me better exposure to a wider spectrum of trade compliance.

Tell us what you would change in the industry:

I made trade compliance in my company much better valued and recognized by both senior executives as well as operational staff, promoting trade compliance to a higher level  as a pillar to support the enterprise long-term prosperity.

Give us one tip/best practice:

To make us and the trade compliance function be indispensable to the company, we must be the content experts, strong advocator and business enabler to the company.

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