Supreme Court’s ‘Montanile’ Decision Makes Waves

By  John Manganaro, Published on PLANADVISERdash on January 21, 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court case Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan did not gain much attention before reaching the top federal court, but now that the case has been decided, ERISA attorneys are warning of significant potential impacts. [Read More]

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In addition to unparalleled networking opportunities, ACI’s 11th ERISA Litigation will provide attendees with the latest insights and expert advice from our exceptional faculty including on:
  • The Supreme Court Roundup: Montanile, Gobeille, Spokeo and Gomez
  • Emerging Trends in ERISA Class Actions
  • Recent Stock-Drop Decisions and Ramifications for Fiduciaries of Retirement Plans: The Interplay Between ERISA and Securities Law
  • ESOP Litigation: New and Emerging Claims and Guidelines for ESOP Valuations
  • DOL Regulation and Audits; Employer Health Plan, ACA and Mental Health Parity Act Audits; Responding to Letters, Inquiries, Investigations; and Staying Out of the Cross Hairs of HHS and the IRS
  • Current Landscape of 401(k) Fee Cases and Evolving Defense Strategies
  • Life, Health, Disability, Managed Care and Benefit Claims Litigation
  • View From the Bench on Litigating ERISA Claims and Class Actions
  • Church Plan Litigation: Latest on Defined Benefit Church Plan Cases; Addressing Church Plan Uncertainty With Regard to Obligations of Plan Fiduciaries, Outside Investment Managers, M&As of Plan Sponsors; and Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Issues
  • Medical Provider Claims: Assignment, Standing and Penalties
  • Claims Against Service Providers
  • Defined Benefit Plan Litigation: Prohibitions on Individual Recovery, Anti-Cutback Lawsuits, Fiduciary Breach Claims, and More
  • Fiduciary Insurance and Claims – Perspectives from Underwriting, Claims, Organization and Coverage Counsel
  • ETHICS: The Fiduciary Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege
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