Part II — Identifying the Key Data, Metrics and Risk Factors to Prioritize in Your Program

November 30, 2021 10:30am

Brooke Hopkins
Managing Director

Christine Riley Miller
Senior Director, Reputation & ESG

We will gain insight from the panel, and open the floor for our faculty members and attendees to benchmark with other companies and discuss strategies for implementing a viable ESG program, such as:

  • Using ESG criteria to evaluate the environmental and social impacts of a business
  • Identifying key internal partners to aid in developing a program that aligns with business priorities and organizational culture
  • Evaluating Risk Controls
  • Identifying and expanding the key metrics in your organization to address emerging and urgent issues that may not be well-represented in formal reporting standards
  • Centralizing the data to deliver actionable intelligence and consistency
  • Collecting, digesting and disclosing data to the Board, C-suite and key stakeholders