Audience Polling - ESG and Human Rights Due Diligence in Practice

Scoping, Evaluating and Mitigating Evolving Legal and Reputational Risk Factors

November 30, 2021 4:15pm

Sarah Altschuller
Business & Human Rights Counsel

Jim McWeeney
Integrity Risk International

The clarion call for greater corporate accountability on the ESG human rights front is accelerating concerns about new legal and reputational liabilities for business. It also raises urgent, practical questions about how human rights due diligence is scoped, evaluated, and integrated into existing risk management processes.

What constitutes rigorous care in this new era of enhanced scrutiny of enterprises’ efforts to mitigate human rights abuse risks? Join us for takeaway tips and informed insights designed to:

  • Help ensure enterprises are aware of their blind spots
  • Determine how to take practical steps to address them
  • Adhere to defensible standards of care when it comes to human rights due diligence