Featured Speakers

Preston C. Dunlap
Former Chief Architect
US Air Force

Jeremy Leader
Director, Commercial Space Office (COMSO)
US Space Force

Cordell DeLaPena
Program Executive Officer for Military Communications and Positioning, Navigation, and Timing
Space Systems Command

Colonel David Hanson
Space Delta 2

US Space Force

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About the Conference

Military Space Systems Forum will foster collaboration and share insights on capability modernization for critical areas such as space situational awareness, positioning, navigation and timing, command and control, communications, launching, and the use of AI/ML for enhanced operational effectiveness. Attendees will have a remarkable opportunity to advance cooperation on capability modernization in the space domain, with a key focus on rapid acquisition priorities.

The Conference runs under Chatham House rule with no media or press in attendance. Participants are strictly vetted; certain citizens are not admitted to the conference.

Learn about Global Perspectives on Military Space Systems: Challenges and international collaboration opportunities

Hear discussions on delivering known and novel commercial services from and for space, to support global mission practices and joint Warfighters

Address cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for monitoring, tracking, and predicting space objects to ensure safe and sustainable operations

Discuss strengthening space sensing, communications, and positioning, navigation, and timing to achieve mission-critical results