Responding to the Alarming Growth of Lemon Law and Consumer Fraud Cases in California and Assessing How this Trend Will Impact Other Jurisdictions

July 18, 2019 11:45am

Robert A. Shields
Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP (San Diego, CA)

Elizabeth Vanis McNulty
Taylor | Anderson LLP (Irvine, CA)

  • Assessing the growing number of lemon law litigation cases in California
    • Defending claims based on allegations of vehicle repair defects and concealment of defects
  • Responding to allegations there were misrepresentations of certain features of the car
  • Creating affirmative defenses for typical claims made for lemon law cases
  • Interpreting specific laws in California and analyzing the lemon laws for other jurisdictions
  • Analyzing various court opinions and trial outcomes for lemon law litigation in various jurisdictions