Save the Date – The 18th Annual NY Conference on the FCPA, May 16-17, 2016

FCPA NY Save The Date

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 program has evolved in response to the expanding, new roles and responsibilities of our legal and compliance audience members. New for this year, the agenda not only includes a meaningful discussion of complex FCPA challenges, but also covers “big picture”, strategic and related issues, including corporate governance, corporate culture and metrics, securities law, AML, economic sanctions, white collar crime and global risk management. New, practical panels include: – Getting the Ear of Your Audit Committee and Board: Corporate Governance Considerations – -Affecting Your FCPA and SEC Compliance Status and Exposure – Chief Risk Officer Panel: How FCPA and Interrelated Compliance Risks are Being Assessed and Weighted by Industry – EU Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and their Impact on Bribery Investigations: Strategic Insights for Cross-Border Transfers of Sensitive, Confidential Data – GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS-The Domino Effect of Internal Compliance and Internal Control Weaknesses: Status Report on Cross-Agency FCPA, AML, and Economic Sanctions Penalty Risks – CORPORATE CULTURE ROUNDTABLE–How Companies Are Identifying and Using Reasonable Metrics to Measure their Cultures of Compliance & Ethics Inside Overlapping FCPA, Securities and White Collar Crime Enforcement: Strategic Guidance for Managing Complex, Simultaneous Investigations and the Reputational Fallout Registration is open. Click here to learn more –