Creating a Data-Driven Culture that Supports Business Growth

September 21, 2023 4:15pm

Ido Biger
Chief Data Officer
Delek US Holdings

Marc D. Paradis
Vice President of Data Strategy
Northwell Holdings

Vishal Patel
Chief Data & Analytics Officeer and Executive Managing Director
Webster Bank

Luis Alejandro Velandia
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Best Doctors Insurance

Rosaella Branson
Chief Data Officer, Bureau of Technology
Cook County Government

During this important panel discussion, we will explore best practices for creating a true data-driven organization by boosting data literacy across the organization and other critical discussion points, including:

  • Establishing clear policies and guidelines for data management – including data quality, data security, and data privacy – to ensure that everyone in the organization is using data correctly and consistently
  • Providing training sessions, online courses, and data visualization tools to help people better understand data and how to use it
  • Encouraging collaboration between departments and teams to share insights and data-driven ideas to help break down silos and encourage a culture of data sharing and collaboration
  • Fostering a culture that values data and encourages data-driven decision making by providing access to real-time data, encouraging experimentation, and rewarding data-driven successes