Data Privacy in 2023: Understanding the New U.S. Data Privacy Laws that Should Be at the Top of Every Data Leader’s Radar, and Navigating the Fundamental Shift Happening with Data Privacy

September 21, 2023 2:00pm

Lana DeMaria, CISA, CIPP, MBA
Head of Data Governance and Privacy
Alaska Airlines

Awah Teh
VP, Data Governance & Privacy Engineering
Capital One

The U.S. has seen a flurry of new data privacy laws in recent years, with more on the horizon. During this timely panel discussion, we will explore some of the key laws that data leaders should be aware of, including keys to navigating the fundamental shift happening with data privacy. During this panel, we will explore:

  • Understanding the newest in U.S. data privacy laws
  • Creating clear guidelines responding to privacy incidents
  • Educating employees on data privacy best practices and ensuring that vendors and partners are following data privacy and security protocols
  • Investing in technologies that can protect sensitive data, including data discovery and classification tools, encryption, and access controls