Maximizing the Utility of ESG Data Across the Enterprise

September 21, 2023 9:35am

Deepak Chandani
Chief Data Officer
Angel One

Vipul Gupta
VP Data and Analytics
Baker Hughes

Data and analytics have become increasingly important tools for organizations and individuals to understand and address complex social and environmental challenges. During this important panel focused on D&A for Good, we will explore examples of how data leaders from leading organizations (both publica and private) are using data and analytics for good, including:

  • Environmental Protection: How the Nature Conservancy is using data and analytics to identify areas that are most vulnerable to climate change and to develop strategies for protecting biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Public Health: Breakdown of HealthMap, a global disease surveillance system that uses data from news reports, social media, and other sources to identify outbreaks of infectious diseases in real time so that public health officials can respond quickly to contain outbreaks and save lives
  • Social Justice: How The Sentencing Project uses data and analytics to study the impact of mass incarceration and advocate for criminal justice reform
  • Disaster Response: The American Red Cross uses data and analytics to predict where disasters are likely to occur and to plan their response, and they use data to track the needs of affected communities and to target resources where they are most needed