Partnering with Business Units to Identify Data-Driven Opportunities and Drive Business Value

September 20, 2023 1:00pm

Roshan Hussain
Chief Data Officer
UK Healthcare

Chris Hutchins
SVP, Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Lifepoint Health

Anne Levine
Former Deputy Chief Data Officer, Office of Economics and Analytics
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Barkha Saxena
Chief Data Officer

Joel Shapiro
Clinical Associate Professor of Data Analytics
Northwestern University

Identifying data-driven opportunities requires a collaborative effort between data professionals and business units within an organization. During this panel, we will explore steps to consider when partnering with business units to identify data-driven opportunities that will ultimately drive overall business value. During this panel discussion, we will explore:

  • Clearly understanding the objectives and goals of the business units you are working with to identify areas where data can have the most impact
  • Identifying relevant data sources to achieve goals across business units
  • Establishing clear communication channels with all stakeholders that are involved in the overall business objectives
  • Using data to drive decisions across the organization and empowering your data teams to make decisions that support overall business objectives