A Complete Roadmap to the Crypto Industry, Key Players and What to Expect in the Next 1-3 Years

Oct 12, 2022 9:00am – 12:00pm

Wee Ming Choon
Deputy General Counsel
Ava Labs

Jason Gottlieb
Morrison Cohen LLP

Cathy Yoon
Chief Legal Officer

This in-depth workshop is for those both new to crypto as well as experienced professionals looking for a refresher on the intricacies and practical considerations of this exciting industry. This program will be interactive so bring your questions as you broaden your knowledge:

  • Overview of the digital ecosystem and understanding the key regulatory bodies overseeing crypto
  • Introduction to blockchain technology, smart contacts and tokenization of assets as well as the differences between personal wallets and cutodial wallets
  • Learn what it means for a transaction to be peer-to-peer
  • How to define “decentralization”
  • Why scrutinizing the nature of a cryptoasset should be the first step in evaluating
  • What regulations should apply
  • Discover how these concepts are critical for AML/CFT and sanctions regulation