Assessing Your Compliance Readiness: Anticipating Escalating Sanctions and Ensuring Preparedness

December 14, 2023 9:45am

Mohd Arif Abd Hamid
Principal (Sanctions & Export Control), Legal Compliance Department

James Ackerman
Assistant General Counsel, Corporate Global Trade
RTX Corporation

Josh White
Head of Financial Crimes Policy and Global Sanctions Officer

Jesse Suchar
Associate Principal
Charles River Associates

  • Key factors to consider in assessing the strength of your screening and compliance systems
  • Importance of documenting your organization’s plan for implementing new sanctions
  • Conducting post-mortem of first 90 days after Russia sanctions were announced
  • Involvement of senior management and the business unit
  • Lessons learned from 2022
  • What not to do-and flagging potential missteps before it’s too