China: Managing Your Business Operations in China Amid An Unprecedented Period of Risk and Uncertainty

December 13, 2023 9:45am

Sahand Boorboor
Managing Director, Global Financial Crimes Compliance Executive
Bank of America

Andrea T. Al-Attar
The Law Office of Andrea T. Al-Attar, P.C.

Christina Zanette
Assistant General Counsel, Export Compliance

  • How a new geopolitical framework fueled by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and escalating tensions in the South and East China Seas is informing the United States’ policy on China
  • Steps that companies operating in the PRC can take to assess and mitigate related sanctions, export controls, and ESG risks.
  • Reviewing existing transaction and party screening and due diligence processes
  • Evaluating company contractual obligations and brand management.
  • Countermeasures that the PRC has taken with respect to changes in U.S. policy and how companies in the PRC have responded to these measures
  • Potential future changes on the horizon