Russia, China and the Intersection of Sanctions and Export Controls: Best Practices for Evolving Your Program and Preparing for What’s Next

December 13, 2023 11:00am

Michael Burton
Jacobson Burton Kelley PLLC

Dan Silverberg
Managing Director
Capstone LLC
Former National Security Advisor, U.S. House of Representatives

Sandra Calmes
Vice President, Senior Corporate Counsel & Global Financial Crimes Officer
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Waqas Shahid
Vice President, Forensic Services
Charles River Associates

  • Expansion of BIS export controls as sanctions measures: The Entity List and Part 746 of the EAR
  • Beyond “US Persons”: Jurisdictional distinctions between EAR and OFAC sanctions
  • Latest export restrictions on Russia and China
  • De Minimis Rule and Foreign Direct Product Rule for Russia and China
  • Export control issues in Russian divestments
  • Due diligence when dealing with Russia and China and mitigating MEU and MIEU diversion risks