Establishing and Maintaining the Global Supplier Diversity Strategy: Promoting Utilization of Diverse Suppliers Globally to Stakeholders

October 11, 2023 11:15am

Kevin Kwok
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Sustainability Officer
OMAO Brands

Egwu Nwankpah
Vice President, Head of Supplier Diversity
Cushman & Wakefield

Developing and maintaining a global supplier diversity strategy requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing commitment. During this panel, we will explore steps to establish and maintain a strategy that promotes the utilization of diverse suppliers globally to stakeholders, including:

  • How to conduct a supplier diversity assessment
  • Establishing specific and measurable targets for supplier diversity, including the percentage of diverse suppliers you aim to engage globally, the amount of spend allocated to diverse suppliers, and the number of diverse suppliers integrated into your supply chain
  • Developing a global supplier diversity policy, including a comprehensive policy that outlines your organization’s commitment to global supplier diversity and communicating the policy to all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and customers
  • Emphasizing the importance of diversity, defining supplier eligibility criteria, and outlining steps your organization will take to promote diversity globally