Navigating the ESG Whistleblower Landscape: What Companies Need to Know About ESG Whistleblower Rights and Corporate Obligations

October 11, 2023 10:00am

Holly Carr, CPA
Managing Director, Forensics

Howard A. Fischer
Moses & Singer LLP

Navigating the ESG whistleblower landscape is crucial for companies to ensure compliance, ethical practices, and mitigate potential risks. Understanding whistleblower rights, corporate obligations, and taking appropriate next steps is essential in today’s sustainability focused climate. During this panel, we will discuss some key points for companies to consider, including:

  • Understanding the current landscape of whistleblower rights
  • Guidance on corporate obligations, including robust reporting mechanisms, internal reporting procedures, and training and awareness
  • Creating a roadmap to critical next steps, including prompt investigation, maintaining confidentiality, taking appropriate remedial actions, and continual improvements