2023 Esteemed Speakers

Lieutenant General Dimitri Henry

Director for Intelligence
J2 US Joint Chiefs of Staff


Brigadier General Luke Cropsey

Integrating Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, Communications and Battle Management
US Air Force


Major General Gregory J. Gagnon

Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Intelligence
US Space Force

ACI’s Future C4ISR Summit will provide a forum for discussions on ways to transform intelligence for future all domain warfare. Over the course of this event, we will focus on supporting the ongoing JADC2 and AFSC efforts, with briefings on topics including the integration of the space domain, the role of cloud architectures within C2, the application of AI/ML in ISR and the role of unmanned systems within tomorrow’s operating environment.

By combining discussions on all domain C4 with a traditional focus on ISR, the summit will reflect the fundamental role of the intelligence collection element in supporting decision-making from the strategic to the tactical level. Uniting the intelligence community responsible for the former with the single service and Joint HQs – as well as the tactical war fighting elements – who execute the latter, offers a much-needed opportunity for both to adapt.

The multi-service aspirations of the summit also allow a more nuanced understanding of how we can include space and cyberspace within the broader enterprise. It also gives us the best chance of promoting understanding between international partners whose nationally owned capabilities do not naturally suit a decentralized approach.

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