Exploring the Intersection of MoCRA and the OTC Drugs Industry

January 23, 2024 4:15pm

Ann Begley
Wiley Rein LLP

Shoshana Golden
ArentFox Schiff LLP

With numerous companies operating in both the cosmetics and OTC drug spheres, the interplay between the regulation of both products presents fascinating dynamics. This panel discussion will examine the intricate relationship between cosmetics, OTC drugs, and the regulatory landscape that binds them.

  • Examining the similarities between MoCRA and the CARES Act of 2020 with respect to cosmetics and OTC drugs
  • Exploring the new manufacturing practices required under MoCRA and how the OTC industry can prepare for potential similar requirements
  • Assessing the context in which cosmetics can be classified as Over-the Counter drugs and vice versa
  • Sunscreen Monograph Update: Delving into the core components of the sunscreen monograph
    • Understanding its key elements, requirements, and implications for manufacturers, regulators, and consumers
  • Identifying what proactive actions the industry can take to prevent benzene contamination in sunscreen
  • Analyzing FDA’s proposed regulations for testing and labeling requirements for sunscreen products