ACI’s 12th Annual Advanced Forum on

Asbestos Claims & Litigation

Thursday, January 26 to Friday, January 27, 2012
The Union League, Philadelphia, PA

ACI’s 12th Annual Asbestos conference is an unparalleled opportunity to get up to speed with the new claimants, targets, jurisdictional hot spots, and science while networking with scores of in-house counsel, claims handlers and administrators, and risk managers

The defense of asbestos claims and litigation continues to evolve as million dollar verdicts are holding steady around the nation. In just the last 6 months alone, million dollar runaway verdicts have shaken the industry: retired plumber wins $41M in California asbestos case,  NJ top court shoots down $7M asbestos appeal, $25M suit over reinsurance coverage tied to asbestos litigation….and many more.

With excessive verdicts and other developments reaching across the nation, insurers have shifted their approach to managing asbestos claims especially in light of shrinking legal budgets and evolving roles in claims management. Now more than ever, premise owners and contractors are being held liable for asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure reaches to not only the worker on site but to secondary exposure, bystander exposure and take-home exposure claims. Furthermore, solvent manufacturers are no longer the sole defendant to sue. Now plaintiffs are filing suit against mom and pop type suppliers, distributors and retailers directly impacting strategy of cases from filing suit to maximizing the verdict as well as the managing and defense of these asbestos claims.

In addition, the evolution of science and medicine have forced practitioners to take a sophisticated medical approach to retaining the right expert witness, reviewing the exposure evidence and evaluating current medical theories to support or defend an asbestos exposure claim. The traditional asbestos exposure allegation has all but nearly dissolved and now theories such as the “every fiber v. the every exposure” have taken hold as the prevailing scientific theories on threshold levels and exposures.

Only one conference will make sense of it all, getting you up to speed with all the new claimants, targets, jurisdictional hot spots, and science: ACI’s 12th Annual Forum on ASBESTOS CLAIMS & LITIGATION. The event will provide industry-leading strategies associated with each and every asbestos-related disease and, now in its 12th installment, it’s known around the industry as  the essential forum that shapes the future of litigation and coverage strategies for outside counsel and in-house counsel, claims handlers and administrators, and risk managers. This year’s revamped faculty of distinguished in-house professionals and outside counsel, as well as renowned jurists, will provide even the most seasoned asbestos attorneys with clarity and certainty with respect to today’s most crucial issues.

Don’t Forget to Also Register for One of the Interactive Asbestos State/Regional Hotbed Workshops:
A.    California    B. Illinois     C. East Coast
(A, B, and C concurrent on Jan. 27 – 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.)