3rd Latin America Summit on Anti-Corruption

Monday, June 24 to Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Intercontinental São Paulo, São Paulo
Anti-Bribery Investigations and Prosecutions are Increasing in Latin America and Around the Globe. Can your Anti- Corruption Compliance Program Sustain the Heat of a Government Investigation? Learn What it Takes to Ensure Your Operations are Compliant with the FCPA, UKBA, and relevant laws in the Latin American Region.

The Latin American market is growing tremendously, particularly in Brazil. More growth means more opportunity, but also more risk of corruption. With a score of 43 on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, the Brazil market brings serious corruption challenges. Heightened anti-corruption enforcement will affect more companies doing business in Latin America than ever before. Now is the time to demonstrate to employees and the enforcement agencies that anti-corruption is an important corporate objective that is taken seriously in Latin America.

The highly-rated 3rd Latin America Summit on Anti-Corruption will bring together leading anti-corruption industry experts and counsel in Latin America for unparalleled networking and benchmarking opportunities. This event will cover important topics, including:
  • Third Party Risks: Applying the right level of due diligence when vetting and selecting local agents, brokers, intermediaries and distributors in Latin America
  • Bill of Law 6.826: What to make of Brazil’s pending “Clean Company Act”
  • Creating a Culture of Communication and Compliance in Latin America: How to communicate with employees throughout the company and keep them engaged
  •  “Clean Games”: Preventing pitfalls when bidding for contracts associated with the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016
  • Conducting an Effective Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment in Latin America
Also benefit from:
  • Special session with the Controller General’s Office – Brazil
  • Case Study on how to scope an Internal Investigation from start to finish and determine your action plan
  • Interactive Q&A Session: How to Prevent Gift, Entertainment, and Hospitality Trip Wires

Enhance Your Experience with New Working Groups:

A. SEC and DOJ Joint FCPA Guidance on the Hallmarks of Effective Compliance Programs: How to Make Sure to Your Latin American Operations Are Meeting U.S. Anti-Corruption Standards.

B. A Practical Guide Into Anti-Corruption TRAINING: How to Create a Robust, Culturally-Sensitive and Practical Anti-Corruption Training Curriculum for Employees and Third Parties and Successfully Conduct Training.