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Stephen Hench

Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Transportation, NHTSA

2024 Co-Chairs

Antony Klapper

Deputy General Counsel
Volkswagen Group of America Inc


Allison Shue

Assistant General Counsel
Toyota North America


Michael Gallub

Shook, Hardy & Bacon

2024 Advisory Board

Michael Carroll

Director, Associate General Counsel
Subaru of America Inc


Brian Kapatkin

Associate General Counsel, Automotive Product Regulatory & Litigation
Volkswagen Group of America


Brittany Wilson

Corporate Counsel – Litigation
Mercedes-Benz USA

With new technology-enabled entrants at every turn, a looming transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, and “automobiles” falling under the wider umbrella of autonomous vehicles and mobility—nothing is certain.

Companies across the supply chain are planning for, adjusting to, and hedging their bets against the current period of rapid change and growth. The changing landscape and new innovations have brought about many legal challenges and class actions.

To help navigate these transformative and uncertain times, ACIs Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum for the Automotive Industry will bring together key experts; both in-house counsel and private practice attorneys, as well as a panel of Judges, who will draw on their experience from a variety of disciplines and discuss the legal issues that impact all aspects of the auto industry so you can stay on top of the current and most pressing challenges.

400+ Recalls In Over 25 Million Vehicles

10% of All Electric Vehicles Recalled (2021)

$2.5 B in Recalls for Fire Related Issues

Complimentary Webinar

Current and Future Challenges in ADAS Litigation

Recorded January 2024


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