Spotlight on the PFAS Crisis: Examining The Beauty Industry’s Response to the Government and Consumer Clean-Up Call

March 20, 2024 11:15am

Laura Hammargren

Ellen Robbins
Akerman LLP

  • Examining the current regulatory framework governing the manufacturing, production, packaging, and distribution of products containing PFAS chemicals
  • Exploring MoCRA’s Mandate: FDA’s 3-Year Deadline to Evaluate PFAS in Cosmetics
  • Adapting to changing consumer demands for PFAS-free products
  • Focusing on California’s Assembly Bill (AB) 2771 and how to ensure compliance
  • Analyzing
    • Oregon’s ‘Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act’, banning PFAS in cosmetics from 2027
    • Washington’s Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act 2023
  • Understanding PFAS testing challenges and how companies can better navigate this complex arena
  • Understanding the theories that plaintiffs are relying on in PFAS contamination claims — what defense strategies are proving to withstand the latest plaintiff challenges?
  • Examining how product testing/sourcing and recorded regulatory approval can yield additional defense strategies for PFAS lawsuits