Defense & Government Summits

New Events Launching in 2022

As the leading producer of National Security conferences, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new lineup of events debuting in 2022.

Counter UAS Technology Forum has been created to advance discussions on CUAS threats past the existing intelligence, and deep dive into the evolving drone risks which can pose a significant disruptive force not only to the United States but globally.

Unmanned Systems West
Take part in this two-day summit to take a deep dive into how the U.S. military safely and effectively incorporates autonomous systems (UxS) into combat, multi domain and DoD support operations to sustain our both our technological and military advantage, as well as have dominance in any future battlefield situations.

Who is ACI?

With nearly 40 years in the conference industry, ACI is one of the world’s largest event organizations. We are now taking that expertise and expanding into Defense and Government Summits. Our goal is to provide our attendees and industry partners with a mission-relevant platform to gain industry knowledge and expertise to keep pace with unprecedented technological developments, emerging and evolving threats and operational needs across the defense spectrum.

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